Theater is my favorite way to meet the actors and experience the thrill of the show. Actors must be present on the stage at all times, unlike in movies. Imagine how hard it can be to remember all the lines. Immersive theater was something I discovered not too long ago. This is a mix of a normal theater and a show in which the audience participates.
You can also be close to the sets and actors. Imagine yourself in a café and enjoying a cup of coffee. Maybe you just want to have a cup of coffee? Do you want to put the music on the table? These activities are allowed in progressive theaters.Each spectator can also participate in the play, and even take the stage. Immersive theaters make it possible to forget about the distinction between actors and regular people. It was a surprise to me.A web article informed me that there are theaters in America, Canada, Australia, Australia, and Europe. I might visit five to six theaters during my next vacation. I love the idea of an immersive show. Aside from that, I would love to be an actor in any play.