These steps are used to link your big screen devices like Android TV, Smart TV and Apple TV etc. As you know, typing your password on such devices can be a bit tricky. To save you from having to enter your password on these devices, Plex and other services like YouTube use this 4-character login code method to connect your account. On your TV, choose the connect option on the screen. You will now be able to see a 4 character code on your TV screen. This is the code we will use to log in. Go to on a computer or smartphone. Put your Plex account details on this page and sign in. Once connected, it will ask you for the 4 character code. You can see it on your TV screen. Enter the code and click the submit button. Once you have completed all 4 steps. Your Plex on TV app should refresh and be linked to your account. It may take a few seconds.
plex tv code