Psychologue Clinicien (francophone) - Clinical Psychologist (french speaking)
Optimal Family Health is a small medical clinic serving predominantly expatriate clientele, based in Central, Hong Kong. Our aim is to provide the highest quality family healthcare using the latest medical practices, knowledge and technology. We aim to provide a superior client experience in a small, caring and friendly atmosphere. Our small clinic focuses on promoting optimal health, vitality and wellness, as well as treating illness. We use an integrative approach combining both traditional and complementary medicine together with nutritional and psychological support services, to treat illness and enhance our patient’s overall well-being.
The Position:

  • Identify and diagnose psychological, emotional or behavioral issues

  • Render psychological service including individual and group therapy
  • Develop and implement treatment plans and therapeutic processes
  • Help clients define goals and plan action to achieve personal, social, educational and vocational development and adjustment
  • Monitor client progress through regular meetings or sessions
  • Refer patients to medical practitioners or specialists, if medically indicated

This is a consulting position offering flexible hours on commission only basis, but the candidate much have an ability to build own clientele, especially among the French speaking community of Hong Kong.

  • Master Degree or above in Clinical Psychology from local university or equivalent
  • Proficiency in both written and spoken French (as a native speaker) & English
  • Good interpersonal skills, strong patient focus and able to work independently
  • A proven track record in mental health field