There is, on this forum, information that I can not understand the usefulness and yet, continue to be communicated: the number of times the author of the post has thanked someone, the number of times he was himself thanked and in how many of his messages.
Me what these infos inspire me is first of all a stupid attitude of performer and calculation of proportion (because there are participants in this forum who have written so many messages that I will never be able to match them; then I have to match them, perhaps, in proportion). And then it influences my thinking: because if I have thanks it will increase my figures ... I confess, it's bad but true ... But I dare because I guess no one will dare claim that he feels entitled to throw me the first stone.

Well, what can these infos be used for otherwise? To inquire about the popularity of the person I am going to read about? So to influence my judgment? No, that can not be a goal. But what then?

I still want to distinguish the accounting of thanks (which appears in the cartridge of each post at the top right) thanks themselves, they, they seem very useful. Indeed, a small click on a thank you allows me to report that I share this point of view without editing a post in which I bring nothing more (I do not use the thank to the meaning of the dismissal as Harpocrate indicated the possibility, it is too impossible to understand and treat from a keyboard). It also allows, perhaps, to encourage the one who has written to continue his reflection. And then it also allows, during a discussion that becomes stormy to spot the formation of clans !! ...

But what is the purpose of this display of the number of thanks received and addressed?